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These are the committees defined within Central Ohio Organization of Public Purchasers. Click the view members link or the committee name to see a list of committee members. If visible for a committee, click the More info to view additional information about the committee. If there are subcommittees, a list of subcommittees will be displayed. Click on the name of the subcommittee to view the members.
Awards and Scholarships
The Awards and Scholarship Committee is responsible for administering CO-OPP's annual chapter awards including Buyer of the Year, Manager of the Year, and Volunteer of the Year, and is responsible for developing the chapter's submission to NIGP for their annual Chapter Performance Standards Seals & Outstanding Chapter awards. Additionally, this committee is responsible for administering the chapter's Professional Development Assistance Program. This program provides funding to CO-OPP members who are interested in furthering their purchasing education and professional development. The responsibility includes developing program requirements, application procedures, requesting funding for the annual budget, and assessing application submissions to determine appropriate funding opportunity.
Budget & Finance
The Budget and Finance Committee's primary responsibilities are to plan, establish and execute the Chapter's financial program; prepare and present the CO-OPP annual report, financial analyses and statements; supervise, coordinate and review the budget proposals. This committee shall also prepare and regulate the travel policy and reimbursement schedule.
This committee periodically reviews the code of regulations and prepares and presents enhancements and / or needed changes to the board of trustees.
Community Affairs (Ad Hoc Committee)
The Community Affairs Committee was established in an effort to build relationships with individuals and organizations not in Public Procurement. The Committee embraces charitable and/or non-profit organizations within our community by assisting with their various activities which, in turn, brings awareness to CO-OPP and public procurement.   The General Membership lovingly supports this Committee with their contributions to the Ronald McDonald House on an ongoing basis through the year by saving pop-top tabs - and/or creating fleece “Welcome Blankets”, and with their toy donations at the annual Holiday "Toys for Tots" toy drive in November/December. 
The chapter's Education Committee plans, establishes and co-ordinates educational programs for the COOPP membership, and organizes workshops, NIGP seminars, and certification of the chapter members.
Intergovernmental Cooperative Purchasing
The ICPC Committee is tasked with identifying cost-cutting opportunities for public entities in the area, affording reductions in the costs of goods and services used by agencies.
Legislation Liaison
The Legislation Committee serves as the liaison with legislative committees which deal with public procurement issues, and informs CO-OPP's General Membership of any legislative activities or matters which may impact their professional job duties and/or activities.
March is Purchasing Month (Ad Hoc Committee)
Each year in March, CO-OPP celebrates "Procurement Month" to acknowledge "an elite group of professionals that have made a difference in governmental proficiency and effectiveness." The "March is Procurement Month" Committee identifies opportunities which enhance our activities during this annual observation and call attention to the chapter.
Establish procedures for maintaining the chapter membership, execute an effective recruiting program, distribute materials to potential members and create an annual membership list of paid members in good standing. This committee shall be responsible for collecting dues, conveying dues to the treasurer and sending out delinquent notices, when necessary.
The chapter's Nominating Committee solicits and evaluates recommendations for officers and board of directors positions from COOPP members.  This group also prepares appropriate election materials and conducts the elections. The Nominating Committee is also tasked with developing and implementing fair balloting procedures relating to live and electronic voting.
Assists in the planning, development, and implementation of chapter related programs while contributing to the ongoing growth and development of the both the chapter and its members. Research, identify, and coordinate presenters and refreshments as needed for chapter meetings and other related functions as identified.
Public Relations
The committee informs the chapter members of cultural, educational activities, and social events. The committee prepares and publishes the chapter newsletter, solicits, collects and distributes articles to publicize an individual's or chapter’s achievements. Members with the desire to express creativity, research, write and/or proof articles, or assist in maintaining CO-OPP's social media presence are encouraged to join this committee and add your expertise to the organization.
Strategic Planning
Enables effective Chapter leadership by establishing priorities and developing action plans for implementing the means and methods of fulfilling the Chapter priorities.  Provides strategic planning training and experience for the members.
Website (Ad Hoc Committee)
This committee manages the chapter website, assisting with implementing enhancements and assisting members with the website information.

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